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Gold Kid Anklet

Gold Kid Anklet
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In India, jewellery is not just for ornamentation; it also has a spiritual and religious significance.Anklets are made up of ornate designs encrusted on silver, platinum or gold strings with little bells fixed on the hooks that would circle the ankle. From new-born kids to fully grown women, anklets are available to suit all ages. Though anklets are not worn by boys or men, infant boys are normally adorned with tiny anklets. 

An important piece of Indian kid’s jewellery is the gold anklet. It is a simple chain that is tied around the child’s ankles and adds a subtle, ethnic charm to the baby’s dress. This type of baby jewellery is typically quite simple, consisting of a few bells at the most to create a pleasant tinkling effect. The presence of the bells also serves a functional purpose as it allows the mother to track her baby at all times and follow the movements of toddlers. Also called the payal, the anklets for babies, just like the Indian bracelets, are always made of pure metals. The only exception is gold which is not considered an auspicious metal for foot jewelry. Gold baby jewellery are very popular & in demand.