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Pooja Items

Pooja Items
₹164,845 Ex Tax:₹160,044
A 22KT gold bowl and spoon for a baby is a precious and unique gift that can be cherished for years to come. This bowl and spoon set is made from high..
₹58,754 Ex Tax:₹57,043
This product is a 8.2 Gram gold lamp which is designed to look like a Hindu Idol. With a geometric pattern on the surface and a slightly tilted design..
₹12,689 Ex Tax:₹12,319
Crafted from the finest quality 22KT gold, this pendant is a true work of art. The intricate design features the powerful and divine weapon of Lord Mu..
₹847,451 Ex Tax:₹822,768
Available Grams:1. 60 Grams2.120 Grams..
₹353,105 Ex Tax:₹342,820
Available Grams:1.  25 Grams2. 50 Grams..
₹706,209 Ex Tax:₹685,640
Available Grams:1. 45 Grams2. 100 Grams..
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