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Jewellery is as much a man’s prerogative as it is for a woman. In the modern era,  man carries his energy, attitude and charm with pendants, bracelets and several other such jewelry options. There are myriads of designs to choose bracelets for men, gold lockets for men to gold earrings for men. The modern man demands style, substance and quality. Here’s how to choose the best jewelry that fits one’s price, personality and perception. A male bracelet is a perfect arm accessory and is an expression of freedom, choice and power. It is beneficial to choose a wrist adornment factoring in several criteria for purchase such as materials used, form and function.When choosing gold pendants for men or gold chain designs for men, be mindful of the fact that there are other materials to choose from too. Common materials used in manufacturing are gold, silver chain design, tungsten, titanium, platinum and stainless steel. Titanium and stainless steel based pendants can be worn for those with sensitive skin, because these materials are hypoallergenic. For those who wear suits and business clothing, small earrings or the stud variety suit better. Gold earrings are for warmer skin texture and silver earrings are for lighter skin tones. For those who do not consider men’s watches, cufflinks and bracelets as men’s jewellery, we are to tell you about all the things that fall in this category, and wear them to amp up your style quotient. Because as long as you wear it right, the result is going to be tasteful.