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Yeloo About us

A charismatic tale of ornamental opulence underlying innate sophistication – the designs at Yeloo speak the language of the wearer’s soul - be it your everyday’s or the grandest of special occasions. The story of Yeloo finds its roots in the gold-rich mines of Southern India – a jewellery aesthete’s paradise. Yeloo is a visionary conception of Logeshwaran & Daughters, the renowned jewellers from Salem, Tamil Nadu having well-established tri-generational experience in the manufacture and sale of fine jewellery spanning over 75 years since its trust-worthy existence.

Taking their business legacy forward, this time from retail to e-tail, Yeloo aims to create a credible digital marketplace of fine jewellery – a communion of trustworthy sellers and honourable customers to share the alluring affluence of precious jewels all across the world skilfully enabling a free-flow of certified hand-crafted masterpieces at the best prices.

The designs at Yeloo are a melange of modern chic meeting India’s celebrated traditionalism. We bring you, the valued customer, an incredible range of verified jewellery and articles along with ample opportunities at customisation in a hassle-free e-commerce ecosystem with relentless real-time support.

Celebrate the essence of your existence with wearable brilliance only at Yeloo!